Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask


Product efficacy :
It's like magic, like Bubble Mask. Apply to the face, Bubble begins to form in a few minutes, with the increase
in bubble will suck the skin pores deep in dirt and foam super delicate wiping the face super comfortably
particularly suitable for large pores, acne, especially at the turn of the spring and summer season, more
and more skin oil secretion coarse pores more easily. While excessive secretion of oil prone skin problems
such as acne, acne closed, water is also one of the reasons for dry skin pores, so for these issues to be
quickly resolved, this mask just to meet these requirements, clean skin , adding a new concept bubble
carbonated and carbonated Purifying aerobic mask, go pores can absorb excess oil dirt there, gentle
exfoliating pores clean pores blackhead, there makeup effect, washing the face, especially clean permeability
pores will shrink inflamed acne also places a lot of swelling, magic and fun

Usage :
Step 1 : First take a small amount of product applied to the face for allergy testing
Step 2 : After determining not allergic, apply the product evenly to the face
Step 3 : Wait for 5 minutes
Step 4 : After 5 minutes, the bubbles uniformly cover the face, the appropriate massage the skin
(About 1 minutes)

Step 5 : In the hands stained with a small amount of water, then massage one minute
Step 6 : Wash with warm water

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